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  高考英语书面表达必备词组  和某人开玩笑    play a joke with sb.
旅行      make a journey
使某人高兴的是    to one's joy
不可以貌取人。    Don't judge a man by his looks.
初中      a junior high school
正在那时      just then
与…保持联系    keep in touch with
使…不进入…    keep out of
成功的秘诀      the key to success
踢门      kick the door
踢掉鞋子      kick off one's shoes
跪下      go down / fall on one's knees
敲门      knock at the door
最迟,至迟      at the latest
迟早      sooner or later
哈哈大笑起来    burst into laughter
违(守)法      break / obey the law
制定一条法律    make a law
摆设餐具(准备吃饭)    lay the table
过着简朴的生活    lead a simple life
忽略,遗漏      leave out
听关于…的讲座    attend a lecture on
给某人一个教训    teach sb. a lesson
从…在中吸取教训    take a lesson from
惊讶地叫了一声    let out a cry of surprise
透漏消息      let out the news
大写字母      a capital letter
仰卧 / 俯卧    lie on one's back / stomach
复活,苏醒过来    come back to life
交通信号灯      traffic lights
列一张购物清单    make a shopping list
谋生,度日      make a living
丧生,死;牺牲    lose one's life
泄气;灰心      lose heart
失音      lose one's voice
输一场      lose a game
祝你好运。      Wish you good luck.
洗衣机      a washing machine
欣喜若狂      be mad with joy
邮寄包裹      send the parcel by mail
赚钱      make money
交朋友      make friends
取得进步      make progress
利用      make use of
编造故事      make up a story
弥补某人的过失    make up for one's mistake
有礼貌      have good manners
商标      a trade mark
满分      full marks
观看一场篮球比赛    watch a basketball match
进行比赛      have a match
祝你成功。      May you success.
五一节      May Day
通过这种方式    by this means
用…方法,依*    by means of
决不      by no means
按…尺寸做      make…to one's measure
采取措施      take a measure
量身高      measure one's height
获得金牌      get a gold medal
医疗队      a medical team
体检      medical examination
吃药      take / have some medicine
满足…的需要    meet the needs of
遇到风暴      meet with a storm
去开会      go to a meeting
开会      have a meeting
举行会议      hold a meeting
为纪念      in memory of
对…一点儿也不怜悯    have no mercy on sb.
毫不容情地;残忍地    without mercy
在…支配下;任由…摆布  at the mercy of
圣诞快乐!      Merry Christmas!
给某人捎个信儿    take a message for sb.
中秋节      Mid-autumn Day
上百万的,许许多多的    millions of
改变主意      change one's mind
当心油漆未干。    Mind the wet paint!
下决心      make up one's mind
外交部长      the minister of foreign affairs
错过机会      miss an opportunity
犯错误      make a mistake
由疏忽所致      by mistake
现代      in modern times
零钱      small money
某人身上没(带)钱    have no money with sb.
选某人为班长    make sb. monitor
某一天清早      on the early morning
在山顶上      at the top of the mountain
参加海军      join the navy
如果有必要的话    if necessary
需要帮助      in need of help
呈现一片新面貌    take on a new look
打某人的鼻子    hit sb. on the nose
做笔记      make / take notes
与…无关      have nothing to do with
张贴通知      put up a notice
对某人毫不在意    pay no notice to sb.
运转着,实施中    be in operation
订购某物      place an order for sth.
失业了      out of work
一副眼镜      a pair of glasses
颐和园      the Summer Palace
此处禁止停车!    No parking here!
在…方面起积极作用    take an active part in
在过去的几天里    in the past few days
对某人有耐心    be patient with sb.
熟能生巧。      Practice makes perfect.
演出,表演      put on performances
亲自,当面      in person
给某人照相      take a photo of sb.
弹钢琴      play the piano
摘花      pick flowers
捡钱包      pick up a wallet
去野餐      go out for a picnic
一堆书      a pile of books
可怜某人(因同情而帮助某人)  have / take pity on sb.
出于同情      out of pity
代替      in place of
坐某人的座位,代替某人的职务  take one's place
举行,发生      take place
代替,代理      take the place of
订计划      make a plan
玩牌      play cards
对某人开一个玩笑    play a joke on sb.
与…一起玩      play with sb.
在操场上      on the playground
对…感到满意    be pleased with
喜欢做某事      take pleasure in doing sth.
生活富裕      live in plenty
正要…的时候    on the point of
对某人有礼貌    be polite to sb.
受某人喜爱      be popular with sb.
占有,拥有      take possession of
发电站      power station
当权,执政      take power
因为某事赞扬某人    praise sb. for sth.
赞扬      in praise of
出席会议      be present at a meeting
眼下      at present
互赠礼物      exchange presents
在压力下      under pressure
防止某人做某事    prevent sb. from doing
以…为代价      at the price of
无论花多少代价(不惜任何代价)  at any price
以…为自豪;对…感到得意  take pride in
小学      primary school
入狱,被监禁    go to prison
在狱中服刑      be in prison
将某人送进监狱    throw / put sb. into prison
越狱      escape from prison
解决问题      solve the problem
回答问题      answer the question
遵守诺言      keep one's promise
答应,许下诺言    make a promise
以…自豪      be proud of
养家糊口      provide food and clothes for one's family
公共事务      public affairs
舆论      public opinion
当众,公开      in public
出版社      publishing house
故意地      on purpose
把…推到一边    push aside
推倒,(风)刮倒    push over
拖延,推迟      put off
不可能      out of the question
接力赛      a relay race
通过无线电广播    on the radio
衣衫褴褛,穿破衣服    in rags
在火车站      at the railway station
小(大)雨      light / heavy rain
一线希望      a ray of hope
伸手去拿      reach for sth.
够不着      out of ones' reach
乐意干某事      be ready to do
事实上      in reality
实现希望      realize one's hope
为此,为此理由    for this reason
接待处      reception desk
参考;谈到      refer to
留在某人的记忆中    remain in one's memory
提醒某人做某事    remind sb. to do sth.
使某人想起      remind sb. of sth.
应…请求      by request
因此,结果      as a result
盛产;有大量的…    be rich in
除掉      get rid of
抢走某人某物    rob sb. of sth.
起重要作用      play an important role
扮演…的角色    play the role of
给…腾出地方    make room for
对某人无礼      be rude to sb.
用完      run out of
高峰时间,拥挤时间    rush hour
满足某人的需要    satisfy one's needs
节省体力      save one's strength
也就是说      that is to say
为某事责备某人    scold sb. for sth.
就座,坐下      take one's seat
不让人知道某事,保密    keep sth. a secret
抓住小偷的衣领    seize a thief by the collar
与某人握手      shake hands with sb.
店员;营业员    shop assistant
领某人出去/进来    show sb. out / in
炫耀      show off
对岸;在…另一面    on the other side of
支持某人(方)    take the side of
站在…一边      take sides in
看不见      lose sight of
看到,发现      catch sight out
看不见      out of sight
静静地      in silence
和…类似的      be similar to
单程票      single ticket
量…的大小(尺寸)    take the size of
偷偷塞给某人一张纸条    slip a note into one's hand
在雪地上滑倒    slip on the snow
克服困难      smooth away difficulties
大约      or so
与…有关系      have something to do with
国歌      the national song
大胆地说,清楚并响亮地说  speak out
发言,演讲      make a speech
以…的速度      at a speed of
平方公里      square kilometers
代表,象征      stand for
饿死      starve to death
处于良好状态    in a good state
逐步地,一步一步地    step by step
遵守诺言      stick to one's word / promise
趴在地上      lie on one's stomach
四层楼的住宅    a house of four storeys
赶上风暴      be caught in the storm
对…要求严格    be strict with sb. in sth.
擦火柴      strike a match
挣扎着起来      struggle to one's feet
仔细研究      make a study of
突然,冷不防    all of a sudden
暑假      summer holidays
向某人供应/提供    supply sb. with sth.
使某人惊奇的是    to one's surprise
擦脸上的汗      sweat off one's face
坐下吃饭      sit down to table
纳税      pay one's taxes
沏茶      make tea
用望远镜      through a telescope
讲故事      tell a story
辨别,分清      tell one from the other
量体温      take one's temperature
数以万计      tens of thousands of
被…吓了一跳    be terrified at
因某事感谢某人    be thankful to sb. for sth.
扔掉      throw away
吐出(食物),呕吐    throw up
立刻,很快      in no time
交通堵塞      traffic jam
跟某人开玩笑,欺骗某人  play a trick on sb.
处于困境(苦恼)中    be in trouble
一条裤子      a pair of trousers
上大学      attend university
拜访某人      pay a visit to sb.
高声地(喊)    at the top of one's voice
在交战      at war
穿旧;使筋疲力尽    wear out
拔草      pull out the weeds
穿着白色衣服    be dressed in white
通盘,作为整体    as a whole
总的来说      on the whole
有志者事竟成。    Where there is a will, there is a way.
乐意做某事      be willing to do sth.
擦掉灰尘      wipe off the dust
创造奇迹      make wonders
不足为奇;难怪    no wonder
插话      get in a word
和某人说句话    have a word with sb.
总之,简言之    in a word